#1 Realtor in the USA

Rebrand Ken Deleon website
Support Marketing and Sales
Help Leave Current Brokerage

Completely New Brand Footprint
Ken became #1 Residential Agent in the USA
Ken was featured on CNBC, Fox, Int’l Media
Represented buyer 1st $100M home in USA

*Upon completion of rebranding/marketing, Ken engaged me to launch entirely new brokerage firm – Deleon Realty

Let’s be clear, Ken gets the full accolades for everything I am about to say. I was there beside him, building the team, building the brand and many times offering moral support, messaging suggestions and staff stability. While we working together:

  • Achieved top residential real estate agent in the U.S., driving sales from $88M to $273M in 1.5 years.
  • Ken represented Yuri Milner, who purchased the first 100 Million dollar residential home in the USA.
  • Built Deleon Realty which accomplished $800M in annual sales, ranked #1 also nationally in 2015.
  • Hired 40 contractors and supervised the office construction build out for the new brokerage.
  • Built realtor partnerships with 200+ agents and vendors.

More Detail:
Initially, I reached out directly to Ken Deleon to pitch my idea that not only could Ken be #1 in Silicon Valley, but #1 in the USA; knowing a great bet when I saw it. My stock days allowed me to build a direct correlation between the turnaround in the stock market and the upcoming turn in housing prices. Ken had an outrageous mix of personal charisma, personal hardship story, fantastic financial credentials and a passionate desire to market out-of-the-box. If standing on a corner in a clown suit would bring in clients, Ken would be up for it. I worked directly with Ken to rework his image, through higher quality video and brand materials and Ken and I spent many times practicing his messaging together prior to interviews with CNBC, Fox Business and other press outlets.

When we initially met, Ken was working as a broker under Keller Williams. Initially I worked with Ken to redo the marketing and the website, but quickly Ken realized the power of the partnership and asked me to manage the launch of Deleon Realty; including developing the entire Brand – from signs, to messaging, to press and social media.

I conducted competitor analysis, identifying complex underlying patterns and translating the findings into a comprehensive sales and brand strategy implementation package that included website redesign, corporate brand footprint, and business development plan. Coordinated all sales and communications initiatives, which included social networks, collateral distribution, and national media relations. Hired and developed staff members, managed financial initiatives, and supervised daily operations to achieve business goals.


Learn more about Ken at www.DeleonRealty.com


  • Completely New Brand Footprint
  • Ken became #1 Agent in the USA
  • Featured on CNBC, Fox, Int'l Media
  • Office represented 1st $100M home
  • Asked to launch new brokerage firm

High Profile Clients, Operation Management, Sales and Marketing Direction, Strategic Special Projects
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