Andrew Luce

My clients hire me to help them to see the things that they cannot and to then use that information as a basis for building a better life, a more comprehensive business, or better communication with those around them.

Having a physicist/chemist Father and a Mother & Stepfather rooted in spiritual tradition, from an early age I learned to balance tech and humanity. Being fortunate to get glimpses into the future of tech, I engage my clients with a balanced approach of inspiration and implementation.

Throughout my life, I have honed my unique sensitivities to marketplace changes. I rely on technical and fundamental analysis tools and my own experience and intuition as I strive to limit the impact of cognitive biases that may affect decision-making. My goal is to identify advanced levels of harmony and clarity for my clients.

Vision, Experience, Creativity & Strategy

Professional Options Market Maker
Pacific Stock Exchange - 12 years
Acronym L20

Founded / Merged Interactive
Marketing / Social Online Firm
roughly 250 employees 50M billings

Founded / Sold Company
Multimedia / Video Production
Company lasted 20 years

Creativity Mindset